Day Three of the Time to Get Your Shii Together Series with Shii Mii and aylagrace

Tip Three - Discipline
Shii Mii and aylagrace

Exciting, you have set a new goal for the year, you are feeling great, you have confided in someone who is going to keep you accountable, now what? This is where discipline comes in. What are you going to do TODAY, and tomorrow and the next and so forth that will get you closer to your goal? Discipline, a foundation for achieving your goal.  

In order to move ahead, we must change our patterns of operation. As we identify our goals and their benefits, we must keep them in plain view. In order to discipline yourself, select the time that you will start and stop the task. Consider this an unbreakable appointment, and allow no interruptions to sidetrack you.  

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment" ~ Jim Rohn ~ 

- Shii Mii and aylagrace

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