How to use your words to rock your life! Plus a Shii Mii GIVEAWAY to help!

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‘The thoughts we think and the words we use are constantly shaping our world and experiences”  - Louise Hay 


Did you know that 95% of the thoughts you have today you had yesterday? What! Yip, you bet! 
That's because 95% of your life is coming from unconscious programming that was programmed when you were young. 

So, you may have the best intentions and all the willpower in the world to change your actions and beliefs but if you don't have your subconscious brain onboard you may as well be pushing shit up a hill on a hot day. 

I’ll give you an example of how these thoughts can play out. You wake up in the morning, your first thought ‘I don't want to get out of bed, I’m tired, work is boring but I have to go because I don't have any money, I hate Mondays.’ You then go to have a shower but before that, you look in the mirror ‘I’m fat, gosh your thighs are big’. Sound familiar?  We have all been there, done that. 

I guarantee if you tell yourself you're tired, you're going to feel tired. If you tell yourself your job is boring, it will be boring. If you tell yourself you have no money you will never have any money. If you tell yourself you look fat… guess what? you are going to feel fat!
It's crazy when we stop to think just how much rubbish we tell ourselves daily. If your best friend was saying all that crap you would ditch the b**** and delete her off Insta immediately. But you hang out with your own mind talking all that rubbish, daily. It's crazy. 

The good news? 

We are all responsible and in control of our thoughts and experiences.
You can reprogram the subconscious brain and rewrite your existing negative, thought patterns with positive ones. 

How do we do this?

The easiest way we can reprogram our subconscious brain is through repetition. Just like learning to drive or trying to get a toned bum with practice and repetition the change will come. 
It's a compound effect, just add a little every day and one day you'll be thinking differently and therefore behaving differently.  

How do I know? 

Because I've seen it in myself and in my clients. Don't believe me? give it a try for yourself.  


Become aware of your negative talk. 
What are your existing thought patterns? What do you tell yourself over and over again? 


Catch yourself, 
When you are thinking or worse saying these negative thoughts catch yourself, and lovingly correct yourself with new ones. 
Be kind and find it amusing.  When I catch myself I'll think "gosh Daisy you can be so funny" or "Come on Daisy stop being silly" then I'll lovingly change the thought and shift the focus to something positive. This is where step three comes in.  


Use affirmations! 
Affirmations are positive, mental repetitions that reprogram your brain. 
Some affirmations I am loving at the moment are "I am fit and healthy", "I love myself and am worthly of love", " I can achieve anything I put my mind to" and "I trust in the timing of my life. I am exactly where I am supposed to be"
Using affirmations we begin to think and act differently simply by repeating the beliefs we wish to come true. Fake it till you make it girlfriend!
Affirmations have changed my life and the life of my clients and I can't wait for you to see the magic in your own world. Saying daily affirmations helps reprogram our negative self-talk so that we can create more positive thinking and manifest what we wish to see in our lives. 


How are you going to bring affirmations into your life?

  • I love to give myself a coconut and essential oil massage while reciting positive affirmations about my body. This might seem challenging at first but with time it gets easier (I promise) and you will start feeling grateful for your amazing body you've been gifted. 
  • I use affirmation cards. I keep my Shii Mii affirmation cards in my handbag and pull out one (or 5) when my negative thought patterns start to creep back in. I repeat the affirmation out loud with a smile on my face and continue to do so until I feel my energy change and mindset shift. 
  • I also consistently practice gratitude to remind myself of all the positive things there is to be grateful for. 


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I am passionate about affirmations because I have witnessed with the change in my own life. To bring them into yours the gorgeous team at Shii Mii have come to our rescue and are going to gift one lucky tribe member a pack of their affirmation cards (valued at $89.95AUD). These positive, potent reminders are made for a goddess! They come in a stunning leather pouch and act as my daily reminders of what I wish to see, believe and create in my world. 

All you need to do to get involved in the magic is to like both and @Shii.Mii on Instagram and comment your favourite affirmation. You can comment on either profile or below this post (just be sure to follow both Instagram accounts).
The winner will get to create their own set of affirmation cards by picking their 15 favourite affirmations from the comments. So go on babe, help your sisters out by sharing your favourites and you might be the luckiest girl on the block. Enter as many times as you like (one entry per comment), the winner will be drawn on Monday 1st December. 

Our brains are continuously shaped by our thoughts and actions so together let's make them positive. Tag your babetown's so we can all be reminded of the positive affirmations! Plant the seeds, water them and watch the positivity grow. 

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