Letters from A - February, Everything happens for a reason

Letters from A is a blog by Shii Mii Founder, Alaina Brown, documenting Shii Mii's journey. Alaina started her first business coaching session with Arabella Louise on 6 June 2017, and launched Shii Mii four months later on October 6 2017. The 6th of every month is a special day in the Shii Mii calendar and the perfect time to reflect on the month that was...


Everything happens for a reason.

February was all about love and self-love at Shii Mii, and not simply because Valentine’s Day fell on February 14. February saw the release of Shii Mii's new Love and Relationships range of affirmation card collections:

The inspiration for these collections came in 2017. It was the year that three of my close friends got married, and my social media was seemingly filled with engagement after engagement and wedding after wedding. While these events became the inspiration behind the Bridal and Love Collections, I was experiencing a very different reality. My relationship was going backwards...fast, and I suddenly found myself single. Well to be honest, I found myself going full JoJo (think back to JoJo's Leave, get out!), then single.

With every attempt to reassure myself “I am exactly where I am supposed to be” there was an equal amount of "why is this happening to me?!". Cue the It’s Not You Collection. Yes, the truth is, my own breakup was the inspiration behind the It's Not You Collection and why this collection holds a special place in my heart. Everything happens for a reason.  

February also saw me questioning "Have I done enough?"

Developing a brand and becoming an entrepreneur takes a lot of time and hard work. It is very different to being an employee. Despite what social media portrays, it is not glamorous. Most of the time it is an isolating path (particularly living in the city I do where entrepreneurship is far from the norm), filled with sleepless nights, missed events and many "why can't I just be satisfied with a 9-5?" moments. But despite this, I have found it to be one of the most rewarding experiences. I have connected with many incredible like-minded people that I would never have met otherwise and I have learned so much about myself. February saw nothing short of this again. 

As I sit and reflect, a lot more has happened this past month, all of which I am very proud of…let’s recap:

  • Abergale Bremner took over Shii Mii’s Instagram account. If you missed the takeover, Abi shared what self-love means to her, some of her own self-love practices, explained how self-love sets the tone for every other relationship in our lives and treated us to a guided self-love meditation using Shii Mii’s new collection of love affirmations!
  • I then joined Abi for a Facebook Live. When we ended the live, 3.9K people had already viewed it. Views are now up to 5.6K! We shared our advice on love and self-love in the lead up to Valentine’s Day and encouraged viewers to identify what love and self-love means to them (not the media) through conducting their own self-love practices and understanding the 5 love languages. We also ran a Shii Mii Giveaway to celebrate the release of the new Love and Relationships Range. Congratulation to our competition winner Dimity Emery!
  • The Bridal Bundle was released for Bridal Parties. 
  • Shii Mii Wedding Favours were announced and are now available for those looking for unique and meaningful gifts for their wedding guests. 
  • I partnered with Clare Sheehan from GG Creative to launch 'Get Your Shii Together Sundays!' I am very excited to host our first event in Canberra, Australia on Sunday 8 April! (tickets are available at: https://www.trybooking.com/UKW)
  • I also sourced a new sustainable printer! All Shii Mii affirmation cards are now printed with the environment in mind. 

And so on to March we go! I have many exciting things already in store for this coming month and I am looking forward to sharing these with you all.

But before I go I wanted to say thank you

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to every single person who has supported me to this point. Thank you not only to those who have purchased Shii Mii, but thank you to those who have shared Shii Mii with others and on social media, those who have given me sage business advice and connections, and those who have simply showed and shared with me their genuine love and interest in what I am doing. Your calls, messages and words of encouragement have been appreciated. No one succeeds alone, and I am not going to pretend otherwise!  

As always, 'No one is immune to their negative thoughts, but everyone can learn how to live with them. May all your dreams come true'.

- A x

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