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'...that's what Shii said' is a blog by Shii Mii Founder, Alaina Brown, documenting Shii Mii's journey. Alaina started her first business coaching session with Arabella Louise on 6 June 2017, and launched Shii Mii four months later on October 3 2017. The 6th of every month is a special day in the Shii Mii calendar and the perfect time to reflect on the month that was...


As Shii Mii’s March blog wasn’t released until 22 April, this blog covers the short period between 23 April and now.

I have had what can only be described as a wild few years since moving from Wollongong to Canberra. 

I landed a job which enabled me to travel Australia. Not just the usual capital city to capital city kind of gig, I REALLY travelled Australia. I'm talking about outback. Roma, Broome, Port Douglas, Ceduna, Townsville, Cairns. Then, at age 24 I landed my dream job, a job that took me travelling across the world…business class.

Outside of my 9-5, I was also an NRL Cheerleader and Professional Dancer. I would go straight from my full time corporate job to training and perform on weekends, all the while partying in between.

I then took to building my own home. When I moved in, I had no front yard, or backyard. I was surrounded by dirt (mud, when it rained). I had no curtains, and my furniture consisted of a mattress on my bedroom floor, a coffee table and a few camp chairs. It took months before this house became a home!

Throw in that time a 3 month backpacking trip around Europe and the USA and countless weekends away, I was living a go go go lifestyle, where I was not always eating well or getting sufficient rest. I was slowly burning the candle at both ends. At the height of it, I was suffering from sleep paralysis (simply terrifying) and getting tested for glandular fever! I vividly remember being doubled over in the doctor's surgery feeling incredibly sorry for myself. 

Come mid to late 2016, I was in a state of "what next?!". After all, I had ticked all the boxes I was "supposed" to tick. This one question took to me Tony Robbins' Unleash the Power Within event. It's safe to say this event turned my world upside down, and was the catalyst for a new beginning and unbeknownst to me then, eventually Shii Mii!

I took Shii Mii from idea to launch in 4 months whilst working full time, and have not stopped since. I have been back on the go go go lifestyle and once again and have not always been eating three nutritious meals a day or getting 8 hours of sleep each night...and the stress has been slowing coming out in my skin. Ick! 

I didn't deal with it at first. I actually thought it would sort itself out in time. But like with anything, unless you deal with the issue head on, it will keep showing up till you do. So, before the sleep paralysis and glandular fever testing could kick in a second time, I decided to speak to a naturopath.

If you are following my personal Insta stories you will have seen that I’m currently taking 14 pills a day (yes 14, that is not a typo), spraying Vitamin D into my mouth, and consuming a power filled with magnesium and vitamin B for "fatigue" twice a day. Intense right?! Right. But the good news is, my skin is starting to glow again and I am feeling less stressed (thank you phosphatidylserine) and more energised!  

Moral to the story, sometimes you've just got to do you, and right now that is exactly what I am doing!

Since 23 April, the following has also occured:

  • I hosted my second Get Your Shii Together Sunday Event - The Relationships Edition, with Clare from GG Creative. Our first Get Your Shii Together Sundays event was a huge success, and this was next level! We were thrilled to have repeat participants. Some of the women who participated in our self love event on the 8th of April returned to experience the relationships edition! And we were equally as thrilled to welcome some brand new faces into the mix, some of whom purchased their tickets to our event after seeing our posts on social media! We advertised that the men and women who attended The Relationships Edition would not only learn how to deepen, transform and evolve all relationships in their life, but they would also learn how to cultivate new relationships, and that is exactly what happened. The people who attended the event felt connected to one another, they are creating their own Facebook Group to build on their friendship and stay in touch. How amazing is that!
  • It was announced that the next 'Get Your Shii Together Sundays' Event will be occurring on Sunday 24 June. Details for this event will be announced soon, so stay tuned!
  • I have proudly partnered with Jessica Peris of The Beautique! We will soon be bringing you The Beautique x Shii Mii - Makeup and Inner Beauty Event. I am very excited for this joint venture, and will be sure to share the details with you!

My personal affirmation for this month

 I choose what is best for my health. 

As always, 'No one is immune to their negative thoughts, but everyone can learn how to live with them. May all your dreams come true'.

- Alaina x

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