...that's what Shii said - July. How I found my purpose

Let’s be honest, being an adult is like folding a fitted sheet. No one really knows how. And, because no one really knows how, most people play it safe. When you ask a child 'what do you want to be when you grow up?', they often give what we consider to be an outrageous answer - an astronaut, a mermaid, a pirate. I personally have not heard any child say that when they grow up they want to 'miserably sit behind a desk, push paper and answer the phone occasionally'. Yet, so many children grow up to be adults who do!

This is because as we grow up, we learn to be ‘realistic’. Some of us are told we are simply not 'smart enough' to do that, or 'fast enough' to do this, along with a multitude of other reasons which slowly but surely convince most of us to settle into a life that is ‘safe’ and ‘secure’ (also known as soul destroying). You feel me, don’t you. These people are all around you. They may be the person you sit next to on the train to work in the morning, they may be the person you see at the gym each afternoon, they may be the person you work with. That person may even be you. What we don’t realise growing up is that those who tell us that we aren’t smart enough, or fast enough, or something enough, are only telling us THEIR limitations. You know Einstein was considered ‘slow’, right? He sure showed them! 

If you feel you were born to do more than what they are doing right now, it’s because you were. Though, I’ll admit changing directions as an adult is a bold move. It may mean you need to take a pay cut to go back to study. It may mean you need to leave your current company and start many rungs down the ladder in a new one. It may mean putting yourself way out of your comfort zone and moving cities, states or even countries. It may mean all of the above combined! But you know what, fortune favours the bold. 

I liken my experience of starting Shii Mii to the ‘folding a fitted a sheet’ analogy. I had zero idea how to do it. I just took one step at a time. And, any entrepreneur will tell you a similar story.

One of my best examples, is the fact that I was struggling (and I mean REALLY struggling) to come up with a name for Shii Mii. Having no name was holding up the progression of the business, as I am sure you can imagine! I took a break from frantically researching possible business names to go to brunch with two of my friends. At brunch we confused shichimi (the spice) with sashimi (the raw delicacy). Gabi and Sammy requested their meals without shichimi (thinking it was sashimi), and I ordered mine with the shichimi (thinking I was going to be eating something raw). When my meal showed up sashimi-less, I thought my order had been made incorrectly. Though when we looked closer, we discovered my meal had a crimson spice sprinkled over the top, and their meals didn’t! We ‘googled it’ and sure enough we realised we had a collective ‘blonde moment!’ We had even made a really big deal about who was and who wasn’t having the ‘sashimi’ to the waitress (so awkward!). I am sure she and the chef have never encountered people so particular about shichimi! I don’t think I have laughed so much (except for this week when my friend told me he got his chest waxed and, being ex-army, he likened the experience to a form of prisoner of war torture. He described how his skin was being ripped off, and how his chest subsequently bled through his shirt! I could not stop laughing!). As I left brunch, that is when the name Shii Mii came to me. It was perfect! To this day it reminds me of the infamous, yet hilarious, shichimi and sashimi incident, plus the words Shii and Mii represent Shii Mii’s target market. The Shii (she) is your girlfriends and Mii (me), is you. Shii Mii makes the perfect gift for your gal pals, and yourself.

Yes, Shii Mii does require me to still sit behind a desk, push paper and answer the phone occasionally, but the difference is, I am not miserable doing it! None of us were born to pay bills and die.

To find your purpose the first step is to not over-think it, or place pressure on yourself to get it right immediately. Good things take time. I was on the search for my ‘purpose’ for 3 months before I came up with the idea for Shii Mii, and it took another 4 months to create it.

Second, you won’t find yourself sitting on the couch in front of Netflix. Get out and try new things. Surround yourself with new people and put yourself in new environments. Even now, I still do this! After working hard for many months on Shii Mii, I have decided to take a week break in September to have some fun and see what new ideas come to me. One of my best friends is turning 30 on September 2, and following her bday celebrations, I am going to spend some time adventuring. I am also making plans to go to New Zealand in October. With Shii Mii, I have found that when I am having fun, and not trying to force ideas to come to me, everything falls into place and winds up being much better than I could have imagined! Cue the name 'Shii Mii'.

Lastly, take action. When you discover the things that you are good at, or the things that light you up, follow them. Sure, some ideas may not lead anywhere, but one idea may and all you need is one! I started Shii Mii with The Signature Collection of affirmation cards in a black leather pouch. I now have numerous collections of affirmation cards, gold leather pouches, Shii Mii moments for weddings and corporate events. I am even hosting workshops! 

Remember, when we were toddlers, we were given an infinite amount of chances to learn to walk. We fell down thousands of times before we got it right. Don't be so hard on yourself. Everyone has to learn to walk before they can run, especially if you want to be the next Usain Bolt in your field. The question is though, are you game enough?

What went down at Shii Mii this month…

  • Shii Mii became officially registered as a Trademark in Australia after 8 months of applications and waiting! Shii is getting serious!
  • Melissa Ambrosini shared Shii Mii on Instagram. And yes, I was just as surprised as you were! Thank you Melissa!
  • My interview with ‘Ditch the Bull Shit’ went live. Need a permission slip to your dream life? This is it. I had so much fun chatting with Mariah, the graphic designer behind Shii Mii’s affirmation cards. We talked about how Shii Mii came to be, positive affirmations, morning routines, plus a whole lot more. You can listen to the interview on Spotify, Anchor, Google Podcasts, Breaker, Pocket Casts, Radio Public or Stitcher Podcasts. 
  • After the success of our first workshop, Jessica Peris and I announced the date of our second ‘The Beautique x Shii Mii: Not Just Makeup Workshop’: Sunday 12 August. For more information and to secure your place head to The Beautique.
  • I discovered that my Mum reads all my blogs. Hi Mum! I have 1200 followers on Instagram now!  

Shii Mii’s Monthly Giveaway

If you are following my posts on Social Media, you will have seen that I have made the decision to GIVEAWAY one ‘It’s Not You Collection’ each month for the remainder of the year.

The It's Not You Collection is the perfect collection to ease the pain of a broken heart after a breakup or divorce. It contains positive affirmations that cover the five stages of loss - denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

A breakup or divorce can be crippling. Individuals feel a loss of identity and purpose, and can struggle to navigate the dark and difficult times that follow.  

If you, or someone that you know is in need of this collection, simply subscribe to Shii Mii for your chance to receive the It's Not You Collection for FREE.

My personal affirmation for this month

I celebrate my progression. I am proud of what I have accomplished.  


As always, 'No one is immune to their negative thoughts, but everyone can learn how to live with them. May all your dreams come true'.

- Alaina x

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