...that's what Shii said. March - stronger, wiser and more cautious

Originally titled Letters from A, '...that's what Shii said' is a blog by Shii Mii Founder, Alaina Brown, documenting Shii Mii's journey. Alaina started her first business coaching session with Arabella Louise on 6 June 2017, and launched Shii Mii four months later on October 3 2017. The 6th of every month is a special day in the Shii Mii calendar and the perfect time to reflect on the month that was...


This month, I made the decision to re-name my blog to '...that's what Shii said'. Finding my place in the world and developing a strong and unique brand takes time, thought and consideration, and this is the result of that process. Do you like the new name? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments! 

This month's blog has been written and released well after the 6th of April (as intended). This is why...

After reflecting on February, and releasing February's blog on Tuesday 6 March, I was feeling accomplished. Overnight however, my feelings of elation were dramatically gone. I woke up on Wednesday 7 March to an issue which I did not see coming, and it left me wanting to crawl back into bed, hide under my covers and not come back out until it was over. 

In last month's blog I shared that I had sourced a new sustainable printer. Well the new sustainable printer proved to be not so sustainable...

When I received the first print of the new Love and Relationships Range in the mail, I opened it up, took one look at it and walked away. I was having a 'I can't deal with this right now' moment. The print was off-centre, and the finish was wrong. Now, this printer is a reputable printer. They were just as disappointed in the outcome as I was, and were genuinely apologetic for the error.   

I take great pride in the quality of Shii Mii, and as I was not satisfied that the print job met my standards I made the decision not to accept the cards and to go back to print. This meant there was a delay in shipment for all pre-orders of the new Love and Relationships Range of affirmation cards. 

I went into crisis control. I personally contacted all customers and sincerely apologised for any inconvenience that this may have caused them. For my first time customers, I also expressed how disappointed I was that a delay in shipping was their first experience with Shii Mii as it is not a true reflection of Shii Mii's service. I take customer satisfaction very seriously, and despite offering refunds, every single customer patiently waited for their order! Thank you, I truly appreciate your patience during this difficult time!

As I was going through this experience, for the first time I really wished that I had a business partner. I was stressed. It was difficult negotiating with the supplier whilst also being the customer service rep. As with everything in life though, nothing is as bad as it first seems. I now look back on this time for what it was - another chapter in this crazy business journey!

As I sit and reflect on the rest of the month, a number of other things occured:
  • March saw the release of Shii Mii's Motherhood Collection of affirmation cards.
  • New Shii Mii discount vouchers were designed and printed for goodie bags, giveaways, and all things gifting. You may have seen these on Shii Mii's Instagram. They are the cards that read 'For You' (enquire within if you would like a supply for your upcoming event).
  • I supported my beautiful friend, Jess, in the Grand Opening of her Beautique. A big thank you to Jess for including Shii Mii in your gift boxes.
  • I hosted my first Get Your Shii Together Sunday Event in collaboration with GG Creative. It was a huge success! We had five local influencers at the event, two of whom were bloggers and wrote about their experience following the event. You can read these blogs at - Lee Rachel and The Style Side. Thank you to both Lee and Kimberley for sharing your experiences. I am so glad that you both enjoyed, and benefited, from the event.
  • It was announced that the next Get Your Shii Together Sunday Event will be ocurring on Sunday 29 April. This is the Relationships Edition and tickets to this event are available for purchase here.
  • I also commenced work on a number of other products and projects and am looking forward to sharing these with you in time. 

My personal affirmation for this month

I am stronger, wiser and more cautious. 

Before I go I wanted to say thank you

There is a saying that goes 'Want to know who your friends are? Start a business'. This topic often comes up in conversation with fellow business owners as it is not uncommon to feel unsupported.

There are many ways to support friends in business beyond utilising their services or purchasing their products. This month when I was in the midst of dealing with the print issue (aka having a meltdown), one of my friends drove 40 minutes to my home and spent his Saturday morning mowing my lawns, weeding my garden and washing my car. I didn't ask him to do this, he simply did it and it made my month, probably even my year! Having those jobs taken out of my hands was such a relief! I will never forget his generosity during a difficult time and I wanted to say thank you again for being there for me. I truly appreciate it! 

Want to collaborate? 

If you would like to collaborate with Shii Mii, please email alaina@shiimii.com.

Please note that each month I receive numerous requests from influencers and business' to collaborate. Whilst I would love to collaborate with everyone it is unfortunately not possible. I specifically look for collaborations that will be of benefit to both collaborators' and our audiences, and welcome those who bring creative ideas to the table.

As always, 'No one is immune to their negative thoughts, but everyone can learn how to live with them. May all your dreams come true'.

- Alaina x

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Love the new name Alaina!
Glad you made it through meltdown March in one piece. :)

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