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'...that's what Shii said' is a blog by Shii Mii Founder, Alaina Brown, documenting Shii Mii's journey. Alaina started her first business coaching session with Arabella Louise on 6 June 2017, and launched Shii Mii four months later on October 3 2017. The 6th of every month is a special day in the Shii Mii calendar and the perfect time to reflect on the month that was...


Today marks one year since I sat down with Arabella for my first business coaching session! I remember that skype call as if it were yesterday. All I had was an idea, and was so scared of failing. My first words to Arabella were ‘I don’t know where to start’, but in just over an hour Arabella guided me from uncertainty to clarity on my product offering, packaging and branding.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined where the following 4 months would lead and what my idea would eventually become. Listening to my intuition and choosing Arabella as my business coach was the greatest decision I made. If you don’t know the story, I actually found Arabella on Instagram via a search of #businesscoach. As I was scrolling through the hashtag, the below photo stood out to me. It didn’t make sense why that photo in particular would stand out, so I kept scrolling, but the little voice inside kept telling me to go back to that photo. When I did, I found myself on Arabella’s Instagram account. I read EVERY one of her posts, then proceeded to read through her ENTIRE website. I just knew she was for me so I sent in an enquiry, and the rest is history!

What I have learnt from my experience in launching Shii Mii is that starting is simply the key. The answers will always follow.

My friend and Industrial Designer, Blake, shares this same belief. On the weekend, I attended Blake’s Kickstarter Event for his reusable coffee cup - Swig. In 24 hours he reached 68% of his $10K goal! How amazing is that! You can check out his campaign and make a pledge here

Swig has been two years in the making, and just like Shii Mii, it got to where it is today simply from Blake choosing to make a start. There are a lot of people who talk about creating a product or doing something new with themselves, but very few actually follow through and take action. I am so proud of Blake for bringing ‘Swig’ to life.

In this past year, I have found that I have naturally gravitated toward the ‘doers’, like Blake. Doers are energetic and inspiring. They want to be more and do more, and that is contagious.  

If there is an idea that you have been thinking about bringing to life, just know the world needs you. To quote, Rajneesh - 'Without you, something will be missing in existence and nobody can replace it'.

 What went down at Shii Mii this month…

  • Renee Slansky, International Dating and Relationships Coach published a beautiful blog on Shii Mii. She talked about how a kind word to ourselves can go a long way and proof of this lies in a link to an IKEA ‘plant vs. bullying social experiment’ – it is mind blowing! You can read Renee’s blog here
  • May also saw the release of Shii Mii’s new metallic gold leather envelopes and this new product drop has been a hit! Thank you to all those who have gone for gold!
  • Jessica Peris and I hosted our first ‘The Beautique x Shii Mii: Not Just Makeup Workshop’. This event was a success, so much so that we will be hosting this event again in the future. The next event date will be announced shortly. Thank you again to all the girls and their mothers/guardians for participating. Her Canberra also released a feature article on this event. You can read it here

Shii Mii’s Monthly Giveaway

If you are following my posts on Social Media, you will have seen that I have made the decision to GIVEAWAY one ‘It’s Not You Collection’ each month for the remainder of the year.

The It's Not You Collection is the perfect collection to ease the pain of a broken heart after a breakup or divorce. It contains positive affirmations that cover the five stages of loss - denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

A breakup or divorce can be crippling. Individuals feel a loss of identity and purpose, and can struggle to navigate the dark and difficult times that follow.  

If you, or someone that you know is in need of this collection, simply subscribe to Shii Mii for your chance to receive the It's Not You Collection for FREE.


GG and Shii Mii's Sunday Sessions, the event where you create a rock solid foundation of self love and learn how to develop real connection with others. 

When: Sunday 24 June, 10:00am – 4:00pm (9:45am arrival)

Where: Insync Wellness Studio, 2A Barker Street, Griffith ACT

For more information and ticketing click here.

My personal affirmation for this month

I create the world I want to see.


As always, 'No one is immune to their negative thoughts, but everyone can learn how to live with them. May all your dreams come true'.

- Alaina x

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