Happy New Year! It's Time to Get Your Shii Together with Shii Mii and aylagrace

Happy New Year

To celebrate a brand new year and a brand new you, Shii Mii and aylagrace have teamed up for the next 10 days to bring you the ‘Time To Get Your Shii Together Series’ where we will provide you with our top 10 New Year tips to enhance your life one step at a time in 2018.

Why 10 days you ask? To tie in with the roman numeral on each aylagrace timepiece which symbolises the aylagrace team being partners in crime for over a decade.
Tip One -  Pick one goal that is most important for your life right now

With each new year we tend to identify multiple areas of ours lives that we would like to improve. To start, pick one goal that is most important for your life right now. It is important to focus your attention on one goal at a time. By limiting the number of goals you work on, you are less likely to become overwhelmed, and you will have more time and energy to achieve each of your goals successfully.  

What goal will you pick?
- Shii Mii and aylagrace

Clare Sheehan - ggcreative.com.au

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