Shii Mii is a Canberra-based company that creates luxe positive affirmation card collections packaged in handmade European leather envelopes. Shii Mii is intentionally in vogue to bring the importance of mindset to the mainstream market. 

At Shii Mii we believe:

  • in living purposeful and fulfilling lives;
  • that everyone can make a valuable contribution to this world, big or small, and;
  • that the biggest investment we can make, is the investment we make in ourselves.
While we truly believe these points, we also understand that sometimes the Shii we tell ourselves gets the better of us, and we spend our lives doing everything but living up to our potential.

For this reason, Shii Mii Luxe Positive Affirmation Cards are designed to inspire, support and empower you in health, love, life and money throughout your life, and serve as a daily reminder of the importance to live to your full potential.