Shii Mii's 100% leather envelopes are designed and handmade in Europe with love. We took the time to source a meticulous craftswoman who designs and creates only the highest quality leather goods using traditional leather techniques . Each envelope is hand cut and lined, and all leather edges are hand painted. When cared for correctly, your leather envelope will last for years to come.

As with all natural leather products, each Shii Mii leather envelope is unique. There may be slight variations between envelopes, and whilst we make every effort to display the products as accurately as possible, due to variance between computer monitors, tablets and mobile devices, the actual colour may appear slightly different than shown on screen. 


Your Shii Mii leather envelope will age with time. Just like your own skin, it will need caring for if you wish to keep it in its best condition.To care for your Shii Mii leather envelope, please follow reputable leather care guidance.  

Please note, even with the utmost care, your Shii Mii leather envelope will still age. A well looked after and aged leather product is just beautiful as a new one, if not, more! The aging process will add character to your envelope and give it a life story of its very own.