GG & Shii Mii: Sunday Sessions

GG and Shii Mii Sunday Sessions

Event Details

When: Next event to be announced soon! Check back in to stay updated.

Where: Insync Wellness Studio, 2A Barker Street, Griffith ACT

Shii Mii Founder, Alaina, has joined forces with Clare - NLP Practitioner, Timeline Therapy Practitioner, Master Hypnotherapist and founder of GG Creative - to bring you Sunday Sessions: The event where you create a rock solid foundation of self love and learn how to develop real connection with others. 

- Do you regularly put others needs before your own?

- Have you put your well being on the back burner for your career, family or business?

- Do you want to be happier, healthier and more confident in yourself?

- Do you want to be the best partner, friend, parent, daughter, son and/or sibling that you can be?

- Do you want to be surrounded by supportive, positive and inspiring people?

- Are you just feeling a little lost and lacking direction?

If you are answering yes to one or more of these questions, you are in need of some "self-love". Simply put, self-love is the foundation for everything in our lives. Without a strong self-love foundation, it is very difficult to build a strong life. The relationship with ourselves is the single most important relationship we will ever have!

In addition to this, relationships and connection to others is a fundamental human need. Relationships come in many forms - love, friendship, family, employment and social. Right now we are spending so much time in front of our computers and staring into our phones. While we might be 'talking' to people all day, we're lacking the deep, connected, face-to-face and personal interactions that are an essential part of life. As a result, a lot of us experience feelings of loneliness and don't even realise it! 

- Are your relationships lacking the connection you desire?

- Do you often find yourself feeling lonely?

- Do you find it hard to talk to people about how you are feeling?

- Do you feel excluded, misunderstood or as if no one understands? 

If you are feeling a lack of connection and as if something is missing in the relationships in your life, but you can't quite put your finger on it, we understand!

No one should feel as if they are alone, and everyone deserves the love they desire, including you! And, the good news is that it is much easier to attain than we are led to believe! You can
 get out of the loneliness cycle and deepen, evolve and transform all relationships in your life, as well as how to cultivate new ones - one of the reasons we created Sunday Sessions was to connect like minded people after all!

Event Breakdown

- Learn how to overcome limiting beliefs through the power of positive affirmations

- Understand the 5 love languages, including your own

- Learn the tools to make any relationship in your life work

- Learn the secrets to polarity for relationship success

- Participate in a group hypnosis on love and passion

- Connect with like-minded men and women 

+ so much more!

Included in the event:

- Course Workbook

- Light refreshments


1. Can I come alone?

YES! A number of people purchase single tickets to each event. The event is designed for you to meet and connect with other like-minded people so while you may arrive alone, you will not be alone.

2. I think my friend would really benefit from this, but they aren’t committing to purchasing a ticket, what should I do?

Beautiful, you can’t make anyone else do anything. You can only be the example. The best thing you can do is to purchase your own ticket and invite them to JOIN you. So give it a go! And if they don’t join you, that is ok! It may take numerous attempts of you being the example before they start to make positive changes in their life, but guess what you have just made the first attempt!


Please note tickets are strictly limited to ensure the intimacy of the event so we encourage you to secure your place to avoid disappointment.